Obstruction of Injustice

Obstruction of Injustice

By Jamie Roe, Co-Founder of Grand River Strategies

On November 8, 2016 a second American Revolution was begun with the election of Donald J. Trump as our new President. Trump’s election dumbfounded the media and political elites in Washington, New York, and Hollywood. That is because it was delivered by blue collar and rural voters in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and right here in Michigan who are generally ignored and taken for granted by the media and political elites on both sides of the political divide.

On the right, you had the ‘Never Trumpers,’ a disgruntled band of DC insiders and establishment types across the country who couldn’t stomach a disruptive outsider like Trump causing a revolution within the party that threatened their power. On the left you had…well…everyone, but especially DC Democrat leaders, and media elites from outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN. To them, Trump was an oddity who appealed to people who just didn’t matter in their cocktail parties, people who Hillary Clinton famously called “Deplorables,” and they believed he had absolutely no chance.

Then something crazy happened…Trump built a movement, punched back when attacked, worked harder than anyone, and won. He won in places like right here in Michigan becoming the first Republican to win our state’s 16 electoral votes since 1988. Trump won because he actually went out and connected with real people on issues like trade, immigration, manufacturing policy, agriculture policy, energy policy, bringing an end to never ending wars with an America First foreign policy and so many other issues that actually mattered to real people. He won because people were sick and tired of being ignored or taken for granted, and Trump promised to be the disrupter they longed for to shakeup Washington. In short…Trump promised to drain the swamp.

I spent a little over 13 years working in that swamp as a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill before I escaped a few years ago. I can assure you the swamp doesn’t want to be disrupted and it certainly doesn’t want to be drained. The swamp started fighting back immediately creating the “Russia Collusion” story even before Trump took office, pushing it hard through “anonymous sources” across the media in an effort to undermine the incoming administration. This was aided and abetted by no less than the Director of the FBI James Comey, the Director of National Intelligence John Clapper, and the Director of the CIA John Brennan. All of these clowns have continued their media role since leaving the Obama administration making outlandish claim after outlandish claim.

When President Trump rightly fired the inept Jim Comey as FBI Director the swamp pounced. Comey leaked internal FBI documents to a friend at Columbia University who then leaked them to the media. Comey even testified before Congress that his reason for leaking was to get a Special Prosecutor appointed…enter former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The appointment of Mueller brought an unending torrent of accusations and unexploded bombshells. The Trump Tower meeting was proof of collusion, Donald Trump, Jr would be indicted at any moment, Michael Cohen, Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels, Paul Manafort and Russian Oligarchs, and finally Roger Stone and Wikileaks/Julian Assange, and on and on.

I don’t think the DC swamp ever thought they would have to complete the investigation into Russian collusion. I believe they thought they could put so much pressure on President Trump that he would be forced to resign. But Donald Trump did something they never expected…he didn’t back down, in fact he doubled down and fought back, and Americans who supported him never abandoned him. In fact, many who had previously joined the ‘Never Trump’ brigade began to come back onto the team respecting the fact that we had a leader who would finally fight back. This led Trump to the highest approval rating among Republican voters of any President in my lifetime. I live in Macomb County, a Trump stronghold in 2016, and I can tell you from interacting with my friends, family, neighbors, people from church, just chatting with folks in the community, and polling for our clients, that President Trump is stronger here today than he was when he won overwhelmingly in 2016.

Since Trump refused to backdown, the swamp had to conduct a real investigation. The biggest problem they faced was the underlying crime they were supposed to be investigating, Trump-Russia collusion, never happened. But that didn’t stop the hyperbole, breathless reporting, crazy accusations, or threats of indictments leading to impeachment or worse. All in the vain hope that Trump could still be forced out of office. They used harsh tactics like showing up at Paul Manafort and Roger Stone’s homes with pre-dawn raids, automatic weapons drawn, and threatening people with long stretches in prison unless they flipped on Trump and told a story of Trump-Russia collusion. All refused because it never happened and they would not make up stories in the effort to cover their own rear ends to the consternation of the Special Counsel.

Well, last Friday their bluff was finally called as Mueller could push his investigation no further and submitted his report. That report made clear that neither President Trump or anyone else from his campaign colluded in any way with the Russians. The Democrats and elements of the mainstream media were exposed as having lied to the American people for over two years, and President Trump was completely vindicated as the one truthteller in this whole saga.

The DC Swamp Democrats and their media allies continue to cling to the hope of taking down Trump by exposing him for obstructing justice. What they will be trying to sell is that the President obstructed an investigation into a crime that was never committed ostensibly by firing James Comey as FBI Director, who many Democrats themselves were calling to be fired in October 2016 for ineptitude. Good luck selling that to the American people, particularly after you have already destroyed your credibility by pushing the fake news collusion story for two years.

The fact of the matter is the only thing President Trump obstructed is the injustice of the entire collusion narrative and the attempt to take down his duly elected administration. There are two reasons why the President survived. One, because there was no collusion committed, and two because he was strong enough to stand, fight and not back down.

President Trump will not be forced from office for obstructing injustice and neither will he be defeated for re-election in 2020. Democrats need to prepare themselves for six more years of President Donald J. Trump, and I will work as hard as possible to make his re-election a reality. The fact that President Trump will visit Grand Rapids on Thursday for his first post-Mueller campaign rally stands as proof that Michigan is once again at the top of the list of state’s President Trump will fight to win in 2020.

With no more need to obstruct injustice, President Trump and our entire movement can now focus solely on Keeping America Great and winning again!

You can contact Jamie Roe at: JRoe23@GrandRiverStrategies.com

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