After graduating in 1989 with a degree in Political Science, Jamie went right to work helping Republicans win. During the 1990 campaign he worked for the Michigan Republican Party working tirelessly to help John Engler to his upset victory to become our Governor.

Since that campaign he has been a fixture on the scene of Republican politics from the grassroots to statewide levels advising and assisting candidates from Precinct Delegate to President of the United States.

At the State Party he helped to build Republican legislative majorities, elect and re-elect John Engler, elect Republican US Senator Spencer Abraham, elect Republican Secretary of State Candice Miller, and other Republicans up and down the ticket.

In 1998 he served as the Campaign Manager for the re-election of Secretary of State Candice Miller. In that historic campaign Candice Miller became the first state office holder ever to receive over two million votes, compiling 68% of the statewide vote and carried all 83 Michigan counties, the only candidate in state history to do so.

In 2002 he served as the Campaign Manager for Candice Miller’s first campaign for Congress and spent the next 13 years serving as her Chief of Staff in United States House of Representatives.

As a Chief of Staff in Congress he helped to guide the staff, develop and implement the legislative agenda, and put in place an effective communications strategy with both the media and her constituents.

In 2015 Candice Miller announced that she would retire from Congress at the end of 2016. In July of 2015 Jamie Roe left federal service. In August of 2015 Roe and Sandler announced the creation of Grand River Strategies.

In their first election cycle of 2016, Grand River Strategies batted 1.000 in the General Election with all seven of their clients achieving victory. This included the election of Congressmen Paul Mitchell, Dave Trott and Mike Bishop, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller, and Michigan Supreme Court Justices David Viviano and Joan Larsen.

Jamie Roe lives with his wife and two daughters in Macomb Twp., Michigan. Since the election of Donald Trump and his victory in Michigan in the 2016 campaign, Roe has become a sought after pundit by local and national media to help them understand the Trump coalition in this critical swing state.

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