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Making order out of chaos, dealing with public relations problems , and helping solve general crises…that’s just another day at the office for Grand River Strategies.
Grand River Strategies is a full-service corporate, political, issue campaign and public relations firm. Consulting on dozens of winning campaigns, from township supervisor to county commission to statewide races to national campaigns, Grand River Strategies can provide the winning edge your campaign or initiative needs.
Grand River Strategies prides itself on outstanding planning, creative solutions, efficient management of resources and ability to outwork and outthink the competition. Relying on over 40 years of campaign and public relations experience, Grand River Strategies is the right firm to get the job done.


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Congressman Dave Trott, Congressman Mike Bishop and Congressman-Elect Paul Mitchell.

Main Services

Effective Message Development

A message only works if it’s on target. We have years of experience in micro-targeting our clients’ message for maximum impact and effectiveness.

Top-Notch Political Management

Successful campaigns don’t just happen. We have the experience, toughness and attention to detail to see all the angles to run an efficient, disciplined campaign for any local, state or federal office.

Experienced Speech Writing and Media Training

One doesn’t just run a marathon. It takes a proper plan and training. Our firm helps our clients choose the right words and manage the poor questions. Speeches and handling the media demand training.

Public Relations Management

Public relations is both an art and a science. We specialize in managing public relations campaigns so people not only care about your message – but act on it.

Cutting Edge Grassroots Advocacy

Political influence is derived from the power of motivated citizens in the home districts of federal and state officials. We know how to mobilize people to turn citizens into activists.

Thorough Planning and Opposition Research

We help our clients learn everything they possibly can about the political landscape. Sometimes this is more difficult than others. Having seasoned professionals do what needs to be done often makes all the difference.

Outstanding Crisis Management

Making order out of chaos is what we do. Our professionals seamlessly navigate our clients through their toughest times when every move has maximum consequence.

Successful Direct Mail and Broadcast Media

We pride ourselves in matching the right message with the best production at the lowest price so we can give their message the maximum reach and repetition for our clients.

Web Design and Social Media Management

We live in a 24 hour news cycle and we need tools that can swiftly move with us. Our firm has the ability to turn around professional web and social media applications for our clients so they don’t get left behind.

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