Stu Sandler


Recently named ‘One of the 5 most Influential Republican consultants in Michigan’ by nationally published Campaigns & Elections Magazine, Stu Sandler has a reputation for getting things done. An attorney, skilled manager, strong political strategist, and disciplined message developer, Sandler has a tremendous record in Michigan politics and government. He has run statewide campaigns, managed large staffs, oversaw national efforts at a national advocacy group, and has unparalleled experience.  Organizations who Sandler provides general strategy and counsel to includes the the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan House Republican Campaign Committee, and the Michigan Republican Party.
Stu Sandler

Stu Sandler

In 2016, Sandler was part of the Grand River Strategies team that went 7 for 7 in general elections including 2 statewide races, 3 Congressional elections and 2 competitive countywide races. Sandler also became Speaker-Elect Tom Leonard’s Transition Director for the upcoming Michigan House term. Sandler was the general consultant for the Michigan Republican Party and Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and the Michigan Farm Bureau. Sandler also had a key role coordinating the legal and media to help the Michigan Republican Party efforts in stopping the wasteful, unnecessary Presidential recount.


In 2014, Sandler served as the general consultant for both Mike Bishop for Congress and Dave Trott for Congress. Winning both races in the general election by over 30,000 votes, Sandler first successfully guided both races to 60% plus victories in highly contentious primaries. Despite the very different dynamics in each race, both clients came through the primary and general elections poised to lead in the U.S. Congress for many years to come.


In 2012, Sandler was the general consultant for Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution. As point person for a coalition of business groups, education groups, taxpayers and individuals, he managed an effort to defeat an unprecedented attack on Michigan’s Constitution. The campaign directly opposed several multi-million dollar proposals including an effort to enshrine collective bargaining into the constitution. Sandler helped craft the “vote no” message that soundly defeated more than $150 million in proposal spending; including one instance by more than 20 percentage points. He also helped organize the ground effort for Involve America to support ‘Freedom in the Workplace,’ the effort that successfully passed the groundbreaking Right-to-Work legislation.


Sandler started the cycle as the interim executive director for the Michigan Republican Party where he laid out the plan to protect the Republican majorities in the statehouse and state supreme court. Sandler also was a key consultant to the Republican Jewish Coalition which helped lead an effort to increase the Jewish Republican vote ten percentage points.


Prior to 2012, Sandler played a key role in the 2002 Mike Cox for Attorney General campaign. Providing leadership and strategy, former Attorney General Cox was the first Republican in nearly 50 years to win the office.


As Cox’s key political strategist and senior advisor for eight years, Sandler oversaw Cox’s media department, constituent services, and helped oversee the management and operations of the Attorney General’s office. Sandler advised dozens of successful campaigns helping many candidates become elected officials. In 2010, the Michigan Republican Party sought Sandler as a part-time consultant to help with statewide Republican races. After the 2010 election, Sandler was appointed by Secretary of State Ruth Johnson to be her transition director. Sandler also was appointed to manage Bobby Schostak’s successful campaign for Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Sandler has many other clients, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Great Lakes Education Project.


He has a dual undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in Political Science and Communications and is an honors graduate of the George Washington Law School where he was a Senior Associate Editor of the G.W. Law Review. Sandler is a member of the Michigan State Bar and the Virginia State Bar.